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Time to Grow Up

20 August 2022

Yeah, what he said, including the update at the bottom. Be very careful whom you choose as your role model. Consider who you are, not simply those you admire for whatever reason. Then pray about who God made you to be.

We have a dearth of character in our society. That word "character" refers to the distinguishing traits of a printed letter, so that you can discern its unique meaning from the other characters on the printed matter. We can read our language because our alphabet is made up of distinct characters. What distinguishes you from the other people around you?

I'm aware that it's too easy to turn that into another fad. Pop psychology has done serious damage to our world. But our society has abused almost any other significant element in our human existence, so there's nothing new there. The real issue is that you stand before God with no pretense because He didn't call your impression of some other famous person. Find out His intention for you.

This is all the more true as we approach the collapse of civilization. Do you realize that the Internet will be closed off to free communications soon? I'm not going to unload all the technical details here, but the days of the open Internet are gone. Right now, the powers that be have already put in place plans to insure that they control everything you can possibly access online. Censorship filters will proliferate across the background infrastructure of the Net. It may take awhile, but they are herding the entities involved in that direction.

Yes, I know that there will always be an underground that maintains their freedom to pass information, but as the mainstream comes more and more under control, the underground will become more and more obscure and difficult to access. While I am cognizant of some of it, and can probably make my way around it, that kind of information is not what this blog is about.

My point is that the broad publicity and influence we can have with the gospel message on the Net is already curtailed and more restrictions are coming. Don't think of it as a publicity tool any more. Think of it only in terms of communication among those we already want to hear from. Don't be dependent on your preferred public figures, especially those whose persona comes to you over the Net. Start modeling yourself on something else, because the loss of access will be painful if you allow the Net to shape your life.

It's going to be especially painful for those who make some or all of their income on the Net. Anyone who gets significant notice online will be subject to censorship in ways we haven't seen so far. The independents are being herded into a pen and bought out. Payment handlers are censoring, and banks are joining the fray, all on the side of the wokies and Greenies. The next major blows will come leading up to the next US elections.

So, pay more attention to your own character. Learn who it is God made you to be. Stop trying to ape other people. It's time to grow up.

This document is public domain; spread the message.