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Idolatry of Self-indulgence

11 September 2022

Once again, the Red Pill crowd justifies my condemnation. They don't get it. The so-called "Christian" RP guys are not Christian at all. It's just a thin veneer they claim; they are part of the Harlot Church.

I can't blame Jack at all. He did his best to present the proposition, quoting from my previous post here about redemption of the wider male spectrum. He also made it a point to quote my comment about the shameful level of self-indulgence among the "Christian" RP guys who refuse to even look at a woman who isn't the hottest top-tier model.

I specifically condemned them for this self-indulgence, and all I got was defensive whining. Their libido is their god. In a subsequent post, Jack also condemned this obsession with libido as part of the wider spiritual and moral failure of manhood in the West. The men commenting on his blog talked all around that, but I can't recall a single time when anyone supported what Jack was actually saying.

There is no helping these guys. They can wander far, far afield seeking ways to twist the Scripture to justify their devotion to the fleshly nature. They flatly demand that God cater to their libido or they refuse to play along. They are just PUAs in disguise.

Sorry, Jack, this is why I comment so little on your blog.

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