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Too Close Enough

22 September 2022

We interrupt this hiatus to bring you a brief message:

Most of you will choke on this because it's mature spiritual food.

The original purpose of this persona and blog is to prepare believers for the coming persecution and tribulation. Thus, the title of my book, Unto the Shedding of Blood. It's taken from Hebrews 12:1-8, as noted in the book's introduction. The nick "Catacomb Resident" recalls the persecution of Roman Christians, hiding in the catacombs to worship, since pagan Roman soldiers were spooked at the idea of walking in among the graves down there. Christian teaching precludes a fear of the dead.

I've done my best on this blog to lay out an alternative approach to Christian faith. That should make it obvious I object to the mainstream churches, because I believe they have betrayed the message of Christ. The problem is that they are western, as in Western Civilization. The West is one of Satan's greatest achievements. It's a deeply corrupt marriage between pagan Classical Greco-Roman culture and the equally pagan Germanic tribal culture. Everything we think we hate about modern American culture is actually hard-wired into it. Feminism? It's hard-wired into pagan western thinking. Sexual perversion? It's greatly enhanced by western pagan mythology. Pedophilia? It's fundamental to western obsessions.

We know that whatever American culture once was, it was dominated by the cultural background of northern Europe, and Anglo-Saxon culture in particular. Some of what's wrong with that is how white northern Europeans evolved, but some of it is not so easy to pin down, except to note that you can scarcely get white Americans to accept certain biblical doctrines so natural to the Hebrew culture of Jesus.

One particular problem that I hammer so heavily in talking about the Covenant boundaries is that Christians are supposed to be united as one family, that we should be tribal and feudal. We get both tribalism and feudalism wrong; the western versions are perverse. This is the primary failure of western churches.

The tribal-feudal model of the Bible is intensely personal in nature. Churches build their organization wholly around ideas and ideals that are inherently impersonal. The West has perverted human intimacy, sexualizing it so that people cannot even consider getting physically close without that issue raising its ugly head. Do you understand that ancient Hebrew men were normally far closer to each other than any western man can tolerate? You can go almost anywhere in the world where western culture does not dominate, and you'll see men enjoying a physical closeness that western men instinctively think of as queer. Westerners are the only ones who think that way.

This is part of why western atheists insist that David and Jonathan were gay lovers. Western culture is hostile to the idea of placing your conscious awareness in the heart, and rejects the biblical teaching that the heart is the superior to the intellect. David and Jonathan were bound in their hearts as brothers in the Spirit of God, something inherent in the Covenant faith of Moses. This is how covenant brothers unite in the Lord.

On the other hand, western culture tolerates far too much social and physical contact between strangers of the opposite sex, and far too much exposure of female flesh. And of course, churches tolerate it, as well.

I have no easy answers to this major flaw in people influenced by western church culture. I admit to being squeamish about too much physical closeness with other western men, though I'm rather used to it coming from African men, having spent a lot of time with Christians from African countries. Whatever path we take, it must include recognizing that western cultural assumptions are uniquely twisted out of shape from God's ideal.

Covenant unity in the body of faith means a personal attachment that is altogether rare in western churches. Until churches become more tribal-feudal, they will remain unprepared for the rising tribulation.

We return you to our regularly scheduled hiatus.

This document is public domain; spread the message.