Catacomb Resident Blog

Out of Reach

01 October 2022

A couple of readers are nervous about what the Bible calls the Dark Arts: occult, witchcraft, etc. There is one hard fast rule under the Covenant: Don't be afraid of that stuff.

Let's review what I've already written about the power of such things. I said that reality is variable, and it's not a joke. The possibility to shift reality is built in. What do you suppose miracles are? It's someone using authority to shift reality. What do you suppose the Dark Arts were in narratives like Moses in Pharaoh's courts? Moses didn't act like it was just an illusion. Again, it's a shift in reality, and Satan has some authority for it.

Let's not get bogged down in the details; the power to shift reality is built into Creation itself. Further, the boundary between reality and illusion is not where western rationalism assumes it is. It's more like a continuum, because human observation and belief can change reality. Reality is not fixed; it's not an objective thing we all share. There is a certain amount of reality that is flexible between one person and the next.

Notice what happened when Moses confronted Pharaoh and his court magicians. Moses' rod-serpent swallowed those of the magicians. They couldn't harm him. Fear can kill you by itself, but faith can survive anything when God decides to use you for His glory. So it's not a question of whether the Dark Arts are real; they can be real enough. The real issue is your faith. Walking in the Covenant and conviction is sufficient to overpower anything Satan can throw at you.

One issue remains: There is such a thing as generational curses. You can be born into a family under a curse. I've warned repeatedly that Creation itself is feudal. The key is not poking around and trying to discover if your great-grandparents were defiled by some long forgotten occult event, but to break all the various curses of our fleshly existence. When you embrace the Covenant, you are breaking the fleshly law of feudalism, and entering a heavenly feudal domain that sets you free from the fleshly curses.

No, spiritual birth by itself will not do it. You must consciously embrace the Covenant in this life and spend some time investing in your convictions. The longer you pursue the Covenant, the more thoroughly the Curse of the Fall is broken, and that includes all the Dark Arts defilement in your human fleshly heritage.

Over and over again -- the Covenant boundaries keep you out of Satan's reach.

Side note: You can become sensitive enough to spiritual reality that you can sense the presence of defilement and curses. You can, in theory, know in your heart when you are dealing with a demonic person, as well. It's part of the promises of the Covenant.

This document is public domain; spread the message.