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RIP Brother Andrew

03 October 2022

Brother Andrew (Anne van der Bijl, "God's Smuggler") died this past week at age 94. It shows up in a few Christian news sites, but not a peep in the mainstream news. That's because Bro. Andrew was a famous Bible smuggler. Back when communism ruled more of the world, he smuggled Bibles in various native languages into a lot of countries.

The linked article is pretty good, but reading the book, God's Smuggler, is not a bad idea. (This link worked when I tried it; there are quite a few sites allowing you to read it online.) I read it years ago; Bro. Andrew was a hero who set my imagination on fire. I can tell you I didn't agree with all of his doctrine, but I certainly agree with his mission and methods.

Going in person to teach the gospel can be a one-way ticket in closed countries these days; they won't even ship your body home. But smuggling in Bibles is the next best thing. Further, the way Andrew and his associates relied on faith is a beacon of glory for all to see. The world will miss you, Bro. Andrew.

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