Catacomb Resident Blog

An Anchorage

23 November 2022

First, a note to those who wonder about such things: The Radix Fidem Covenant Community is more than just an idea. It may not mean much in some legal jurisdictions, but the leadership is willing to put teeth into their teachings.

And this brings us to the point of today's post: Radix Fidem vests full religious authority in the individual. But we all know how it works in our world today. There are certain rules and assumptions among various human authorities about the role that religion plays, and we have to deal with those. Notice the intentional ambiguity in one part of the statement: you can resist to death, but nobody is saying whose death. It's on you to decide whether God wants you to submit and be crucified, or to fight/flee. Not every confrontation is the same kind of challenge to our faith.

This is not to sell membership in Radix Fidem, but to offer a refuge if you have no other. The last line in that forum post refers to the membership protocol: you claim it at the moment. Granted, you'll want to consider how much you need to study the teachings of Radix Fidem in case it ever becomes an issue. That's also on you. And it might be a good move to let someone at the forum know who you are, so that they can claim you if you ever need actual pastoral support.

But behind all of this is something very basic to faith in the first place. The word "faith" is not what you think or do; it's the claim of a higher power over your existence. This is why Radix Fidem is actually a meta-religion. It's an approach to religion. It states openly that religion is the human response to faith; we are obliged by faith to organize and implement whatever is necessary to ensure Christ has full authority over your life.

And this whole meta-religion approach assumes that we have no choice but to be social about it. Sooner or later, other people are going to want in on this religion stuff. Scripture asserts that faith is covenantal, and the Covenant promises certain blessings that are fully intended to draw others. That pulling on hearts is the whole point. God allows us to live in faith precisely to show others the value of faith.

In our context today, the single strongest miracle is faith itself. Your stability and lack of panic -- the fancy word is "aplomb" -- in tribulation is the loudest witness you could possibly have. It's the natural side-effect of an otherworldly focus.

It's human nature that the majority of us aren't leaders of any kind, at least most of the time. You might know how to be faithful to what you believe, but you may not be equipped to set precedents. It's an instinct to look for someone to point out the path. That's why the Lord calls a few to take the lead. That's why the Radix Fidem forum was established.

It's not meant to be a permanent home. It could be if you feel led, but the broader purpose is to give you a place to start. Once you get used to the ways of faith, you'll know where to go next. The forum has seen folks passing through. They show up and get really involved, and then disappear. Sure, we miss them, but we knew that's how it would be when we started. So, for those who need us, for as long as they need us, we do our best to offer what we have. Leave when the Lord calls you on.

If you need an anchor point for resisting sin, make use of the forum.

This document is public domain; spread the message.