Catacomb Resident Blog

A Particular Hellscape

24 November 2022

I can't give you any proof, but perhaps the Holy Spirit will witness to the truth of this: Intelligence and espionage work exposes you to demonic possession like nothing else in this world.

Let me give you a warning about the popular image of "demon possession" in our culture. It's a huge stinking lie. Every human born is, by default, the property of Satan. The mere existence of a mortal form places us in his domain. The redemption we all seek is to weaken the grip of the flesh on our moral consciousness. Further, demon possession is not all-or-nothing. Everyone alive today has some portion of their lives still in Satan's hands. The only full escape is to die. So the issue is weakening his grip on you; complete removal is simply not possible in this life.

The power of Satan in human existence is a matter of types and degrees. Particular areas of your life can come under his dominion, and it will be varying levels of control. The point of having demons is that they specialize in these various domains of temptation. And one demon becomes the gatekeeper for others to infest your life.

Spying, surveillance and data analysis are in themselves not morally evil. Deceiving an enemy is not a sin -- pearls before swine. Assassination is not a sin. Murder is. The difference is defined by the Covenant. If you don't understand the Covenant, you need to read the Bible more, with a particular eye toward grasping Covenant boundaries. The perpetual question is not inherent identity, but contextual role. If someone could justifiably be killed, they can also be spied upon.

So the real problem is whether the enmity is justified. Without a valid covenant in place, no enmity can be justified. If your government is not based on the Covenant, nothing it does is valid. It's not a question of what the purported enemy does; you cannot react without a valid covenant. Otherwise, everything you do is defiled.

Not a single action taken by any US government clandestine agency is justifie -- nothing. Because all US intelligence work is defiled, all intel people are exposed to peculiar threats of demon possession. During my time in military service, I had close fellowship with people in various kinds of military security operations. Some of them regretted their choice to serve in that fashion, but some sadly did not. I can tell you that the chapel programs saw precious few security folks.

I can also tell you that there is a very high correlation between their status as intel and security troops and sexual perversion. It resulted in UCMJ charges that were kept secret. I can tell you that suicide is far higher among intel and security people and their families than almost any other military specialty category. The published stats are lying about this. Only the psychopaths were unscathed. Everyone else was morally wounded in various ways by the defilement.

Intel and security work under human authority is a special hellscape that has few peers in this world. I've seen it first hand. If nothing else, the people security troops have to confront are often so demonized that you would horrified. That stuff is contagious. You wade into demonic madness with no moral covering. It's hard to imagine anything more defiling.

This document is public domain; spread the message.