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Verbal Sedatives

09 January 2023

There will be no rescue.

Nobody with any power and authority is going to rise up and pull your bacon from the fire. Politically and legally the situation is hopeless. The entire weight of the US federal government is against you. How you respond to that truth is up to you, but the most important thing to recognize is that America cannot be saved. You'll be very fortunate if your state government isn't also your enemy. Unless your state secedes at some future date, the only hope for some measure of social and political liberty is a violent uprising.

This is what I mean by "the sin of Q-anon": Lying to the people about how somebody somewhere with political or legal power is waiting for the right moment to tear down the current ruling regime and "restore" a government that never existed. It's a lie primarily aimed at keeping folks busy so they don't rise up against an evil government that actually could not fend them off. I'm not in favor of an armed revolt, but I'm also not against it. I won't be involved either way. Still, the people deserve to know the truth so they can decide what to do about it. Lying about the situation prevents you from facing that decision.

It turns out that Q-anon isn't the only entity weaving this web of lies. There are a handful of different folks out there selling the same kind of lie with different flavors. Our oppressors know that it takes lots of different flavors to pacify enough to prevent a violent revolt. Some of these flakes are very popular. Look up, or Maybe you've heard of "Godlike Productions". It's not so much the websites, but the content can be found circulating via emails in a very wide network. I've seen the "POOFness" stuff quite often, and Benjamin Fulford's wild nonsense is rather popular. These people are part of the same evil plot to keep everyone sedated by false hopes.

What really saddens me is that people who are somewhat predisposed to mysticism are so easily misled by this false mysticism. It's packaged and sold to a very substantial minority who aren't locked into rational evidence. Do I need to say it? Our mysticism is not as their mysticism. The biblical version is quite different from the crap being foisted on people today through this wild nonsense. How do you suppose I can keep myself from being lumped in with these liars?

It's real simple: If the writing points you to God, it is at least harmless. If the message points you anywhere else ("trust in this") it's enslavement. These hucksters claim special inside knowledge and you'll just have to take their word for it, because not a shred of their noise can be verified, as with Q-anon. I'm not selling anything, and nobody is paying me to be a sock-puppet. I never ask for donations and I want to empower you to make your own decisions.

Don't trust people, including me. I want you to trust in the Lord.

This document is public domain; spread the message.