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Tactically Impossible

12 January 2023

It would require a miracle of God, and I'm confident He is not at all inclined to do this one.

One of my readers posed a line of questioning that others may find interesting. He asked my honest appraisal of how likely an armed revolt would be here in the US. I replied that the probability was approaching zero. Why is that?

First, you need to realize that the oppressors have been at this for more than a century here in the US. You know who I'm talking about -- the Jewish leadership. Kevin MacDonald is one of several who have researched and explained this in detail. The Jewish nation rejected their Messiah and the Covenant was taken from them. Satan adopted them as his very own. The Jewish predatory nature, along with their complete lack of courage, compels them to look for advantages they can exploit without being noticed. Indeed, they have succeeded in making it technically illegal to notice and say anything about it. To point out accurately the evils of the Jewish conspiracy is now universally condemned as antisemitism. They have consistently lied in public; they are very much a threat, while claiming to be harmless and even beneficial.

Specifically, they have worked hard to herd us all away from our native white European cultural proclivities into something more amenable to their manipulations. Well before any of us was born, the social habits they preferred for us became the norm, making us easier to herd where they wished. Nobody dares to directly and openly stand up against them and their plans.

From the broad sweep of human history, we should all realize that in order to oppose any enemy of a nation or empire, the men in that political union must rise up in concert against the enemy. Not every single man, but enough of them to present a very real threat to their enemy. This has been consistently hammered out of white America. Once weakened to the point it was a small minority, those were crushed easily.

Some of you have been alive long enough to remember what happened under President Clinton. There was a concerted effort to crush every organized militia group in the US that did not bow to the globalist agenda. Those that could not be hijacked were attacked by a massive coordinated effort. It didn't matter what motivated any dissidents; they were all crushed -- Ruby Ridge, the Branch Davidians, and very many other smaller groups. Every such incident was highly publicized to spread the fear. By the time we got to the Bundy Ranch confrontation, the only organized militias around were fully compromised. They did almost nothing as organizations. Instead, it was a loose coalition of hastily organized individuals who still managed to stop the feds. The feds are incompetent cowards, of course, unwilling to face even token resistance, unless they hold an overwhelming tactical advantage.

That hastily organized coalition spun out a fresh attempt to organize a real militia. That resulted in LaVoy Finicum being gunned down in cold blood, and his allies were all captured and prosecuted without mercy. Even the IRS was used against them. In case you doubt this victory, look at those who participated in the mild rowdiness of January 6, 2020 at the US Capitol. The use of surveillance and Internet snooping ensured the participants were all identified. The response of the government was over the top and hateful.

Who is there left to stand up against the globalist federal government? Let's pretend for a moment that a group of elite assassins were out there somewhere, capable of keeping their planning off the Internet. They would need to assassinate at least 2000 key figures in just a few days to have any useful effect on things -- legislators, judges and lawyers, and a bunch high ranking bureaucrats. Party affiliation means nothing. Yes, it would have to be very quick and at least that many, or the defensive response would overwhelm the assassins.

Thus, there will be no armed revolt against our evil government. At last, none that matters, because they are unable to organize and form a coherent strategy. Go ahead and defend your family and property as best you can, but don't expect to win. Now, if your state government chooses to resist on your behalf, you have just a small chance of not being consumed by the Beast. You still have to worry about the state government itself, but that's probably more manageable.

Again: This is Satan's turf. He's been at this longer than any of us have been alive. If this was a threat to Christ's Kingdom, we would know of His plans to change things. A valid covenant community could ask and He would reveal enough for those people to know what is required. But the Bible indicates He is not concerned about human politics, particularly when not a single political entity in this world has embraced His Covenant Law. Not one. So, human political wrangling is all totally under Satan's control. It's none of our concern. We can observe and understand, but none of it is under our Covenant concerns.

It will collapse under its own weight in due time.

At this point, only God Himself could intervene to command Satan to change things and derail the globalist agenda. We have no reason at all to imagine He will, at least not for the country as a whole.

This document is public domain; spread the message.