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No Fun Here

16 January 2023

It's been a few years, but the last time I checked, the US consumes roughly 80% of the world's production of cocaine. We consume an even higher percentage of the methamphetamine market.

I'm not in a position to dig deep into the sources, but I do pay attention to solid reporting on odd things that most people ignore. For example, the fracas in Ukraine started because of an existential threat to Russia. Everyone knows that the US has been trying to destroy the government of Russia and break up that country the way we have done with so many other countries. You would think it was just a hobby for the US.

We can understand how our actions threaten Russia; it's not hard to see because it's all rather conventional for them. What may not be obvious is that the US (working through NATO) also cannot afford to lose that war, for totally unconventional reasons. The very existence and cohesion of the US rests on the politics and economics of domination. We've been on a losing streak for quite some time in our efforts to dominate non-western countries -- Vietnam, places in Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan. But the US always had a cushion in her predatory economy, the US petrodollar which gave us control over the world's supply of oil. Russia has managed to destroy that.

Yes, the story is quite complicated, but that's the net result. The dollar is now very fragile, and if Russia continues on her current course, the US will be destroyed. Russia's position is not fragile, so the outlook for the US is grim. It's not that our ruling regime is heedless. Rather, they are desperate. That's why we have amassed troops in theater near Ukraine, whereas previously we had been slipping them through in small batches, alongside the UK and Poland, to bolster the Ukrainians before the inevitable Russian response.

Yes, this is WW3. The prospect is grim for the US/NATO. The entire West is going to collapse. We've done everything possible to destroy ourselves. That business of cocaine and meth consumption? It's a symptom of what's wrong with the US. Our efforts at eradication never addressed the real problem of relentless demand. Rather, our DEA has just off-shored the production of one more market segment in the de-industrialization of America. Our country consumes so much of that crap because our cheap and artificial "culture" makes it desirable.

God alone knows what things will look like when they come apart. Some of it we can guess. Pity the poor drug lords in Mexico when their primary market and income fades away. Whatever will they do? That's just a symbol of how our own "drug lord" ruling regime will be starved of money.

Do you realize that the vast majority of the globalist machinery has been in it for the money? Only a very tiny minority of people leading that agenda are true believers. The lackeys will follow the money, if there is any to follow. There will be hot competition for the few roles left that grant access to tax collections. How sad for the neocons and the military industrial complex. What will the Zionists in Israel do when the US support means nothing? They'll turn to a new sugar mama.

This is why I counsel detachment. You cannot somehow wrest from the hands of Satan his divine commission to run the secular world. Learn to delight in God's covenant provision, whether much or little. The collapse is inevitable; this is a great tribulation that will culminate in the solar micro-nova in 20 years or so. There's no escape; no turning back. Learn to seek peace with God at the price of life itself, because life isn't going to be that much fun.

On the other hand, the high privilege of the Covenant life is beyond words.

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