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Just a Model

30 January 2023

How do you understand the events of our day? I'll share my model.

Zelensky is playing both sides against the middle. He pretends to care about Ukraine and her people; he does not. He is a Jew. For Jews, Gentiles are subhuman. It's quite rare to find Jews who are not wholly committed to the advancement and dominance of their tribe. The vast majority of them are trained from birth, living with that prime directive as the air they breathe and the food they eat. As they get older, the training becomes more conscious. However, it's not some altruistic thing; it's the same as self-interest. For Jews, their own individual prosperity is a blessing for every other Jew, and to some degree, vice versa. The whole point of their divine destiny is the individual prosperity of every Jew as members of the whole tribe.

Thus, the act put on by Zelensky is aimed in part at bankrupting the West. No matter what he is given, it will not be enough. It's not just that he is skimming off the flow of aid, but that bankrupting the West is in his tribe's interest. It's all one thing to him. How that affects Russia is hardly the issue. He knew where this was going decades ago. He intentionally provoked Russia and was quite happy when they invaded. That meant the program was on track; it was his opportunity to beg the West for actions that will eventually destroy the economic dominance of the West.

Whatever threat Russia, India, China or any other non-western entity might pose to the Jewish Tribe can be dealt with later. Jews decided long ago that the West was their first target, and until the West is destroyed, the other targets will have to wait.

Zelensky knows Russia will win. He has no intention of actually defeating the Russians. Pretending to believe in the fighting is just part of his shtick. He has always been quite willing to grind up his own troops in a senseless doomed effort, and he's perfectly willing to grind through everyone else's troops. He's perfectly willing to see it result in a nuclear exchange. Jews believe their tribe will survive and prosper in the aftermath. Their planning shows it. They don't worry so much about individual Jews dying; it's just part of the price they pay along the way. In the end, the tribe matters most.

This is the underlying issue regardless of the packaging of individual Jews. All the various groups and movements within Jewish identity are still Jews seeking first and foremost the dominance of their tribe as God's will. That they are all eager to grab all the gusto they can along the way -- individually or as a group -- is simply the flavor of their tribe. It's a virtue. If they die in the process, it's okay. They'll all be restored in their eternal kingdom when it's over. And it is they who came up with the notion that "eternity" means endless time on something like this earth.

Should it turn out that the Antichrist is a literal individual persona someday, they'll embrace him as their Messiah. However it is that you envision the final confrontation between sinners and God, the Jewish tribal vision of their Messianic destiny will be the primary factor leading humanity to destruction. They'll lie and promise Gentiles will be included in this paradisaical vision, but what will drive the Final Battle of Armageddon is Jewish dreams of their ultimate destiny as rulers and owners of this world.

There's a very large body of research about Jewish Messianic Expectations. It ties in neatly with the Wilderness Temptations Jesus faced. The Devil was trying to get Jesus to embrace the Jewish doctrine and become the Messiah they were expecting. Thus, the three items -- prosperity, miraculous powers and political dominance -- summarize what Jews believe God owes them. They believe He requires them to get it for themselves, and they are zealously faithful that mission. Except, their god is not Jehovah, but Satan.

This is Zelensky's game. He's not afraid to die, but wants to make it count for the Jewish prime directive. All the rest is just the drama he uses to manipulate things to a desired end. Zelensky was placed in his role because the system now controlling Ukraine was hijacked on behalf of Jews. In itself, this was a bit of political hacking, because you will note that the State of Israel doesn't seem to be onboard with it. The Zionist project is not actually central to the Jewish dreams. It's actually a distracting sideline, something being used by the Jewish elites, but not really that valuable. It gives purpose to those Jews who can't stay on mission. The Zionist Jews in modern Israel are missing the point, from the elite perspective. Still, it's a useful dodge that keeps Zionists and Gentiles busy while the elites keep their false Messianic dreams alive.

The true core of Jewish elite is more like the Rothschilds, but not confined to that family. They have a religious vision without the trappings of their historic religion. They regard the orthodox, and Zionists, along with smaller Jewish identity factions as wayward children. Insofar as the ruling elite have a religion, it more closely resembles Kabbalism than anything else.

Hopefully this will help you understand what's going on with this nascent WW3. The globalists are being played, and only a few of them are actually in on the bigger plot. Their own corruption and self-interest is how they are steered. The globalist agenda is just a cover for the Jewish agenda. So is the neocon agenda. You should expect to see NATO moving troops into Ukraine, unless the US collapses politically and economically first. While a nuclear exchange isn't guaranteed, it's not out of the picture. The recent news about the Rand reports warning that the US/NATO cannot win against Russia, and that our rulers need to find a way to back out of this mess, shows that Rand is just a tool, and not a core part of the Jewish agenda.

This is the model I use; it's just a model. It's subject to further refinements. I'm pretty happy with how well it has predicted the trend of events so far.

This document is public domain; spread the message.