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Review on Jews

01 February 2023

After more back and forth in emails, I suppose it's time for a review on the topic of Jews.

Yes, I'm an antisemite. The real meaning of that terms refers to people Jews don't like. The reason for that dislike is that those people dare to point out the bad things that come from Jews in our world. It's not a question of every Jew being evil. Rather, Jews as a whole have a notable agenda for taking over this world, and they tend to act like Gentiles are less than human. I don't hate them, but the advocates do hate us.

The first problem is the confusion over the meaning of the label "Jew". Part of that is by design; Jews promote confusion because this enables them to play semantic games. That's one of their favorite weapons to censor anyone pointing out their evil agenda. Word games are a major element in their manipulations. I use it in the same sense it was used in New Testament literature. There, the term refers to people who were in those days subject to Judean legal jurisdiction within the Roman Empire. At some point, the Roman Empire came apart, but the people to whom that label referred managed to maintain a distinct identity, largely because they kept themselves under the Judean laws. Those laws morphed a great deal from those days.

What has not changed is the fierce tribal cohesion of that people. Even when that tribal ethnic identity was embraced by another nation (Khazars), the identity remains one of a strong tribal affinity for the welfare of Jews. Over the centuries, it ceased being a mere matter of looking out for one another, and morphed into a hostile mission of lifting their people over every other people on the planet.

Again: There are a huge number of Jews who aren't quite that ardent about such a mission, but their tendency to stick together against others to varying degrees is critical to their identity. The only question is how far any individual Jew will go to use or abuse or even ignore the ambient Gentile laws, rules, customs and social values to promote their own tribal welfare. I've worked with Jews, particularly in the military. I have no problem with those I've met. However, the really ardent Jews who reject all limits in promoting their tribe will use the others for cover. They have zero problem with lying about it -- to Gentiles for sure, and often enough, to each other. The really committed Jews regard everyone else with contempt.

But for the time being, they realize that Gentiles generally have the upper hand. Thus, they have to manipulate to get what they want. I'm in no position to trace the history of this, but it started right after the Romans crushed the last Jewish revolt, and it morphed with local Jews undercutting whomever was ruling in various places around the world. We do have some good histories out there, but they are all suppressed as antisemitic works. They can be hard to find. There are a ton of articles written at varying levels of scholarship, and you need to take some of it with a grain of salt. People who really hate Jews may not be that interested in facts. The problem is that Jews and their supporters will call everyone they don't like "antisemite, holocaust denier and Nazi". You'll have to feel your own way through the available materials.

Here's something from one of their own: Ron Unz is Jewish, and he exposes Mossad's dirty deeds in the US. Keep in mind that Zionists in general, and Mossad in particular, have their own brand of predatory Jewish behavior. They aren't too hard to pin down, but most Jews are not Zionist and not so easy to figure out.

I can verify that Kevin MacDonald is a real scholar interested in documenting the historical facts. His Culture of Critique series tells the story of how Jews have done their best to destroy the West in general, and America in particular. If you know where to look, you find free copies out there of the three books in that series, and MacDonald doesn't seem to mind too much (free copy of one here). On the other hand, authors like Michael Hoffman is exceptionally cranky about his books, and sometimes a little too evangelical in his writing. Still, his massive one volume Judaism Exposed is worth reading for the very factual examination of the Talmud, and its various editions, some of which have been edited or mistranslated to hide just how spiteful the Orthodox Jews are about Gentiles.

I cannot pin down for you how much religious Judaism plays a part, only that it does influence Jewish behavior at large. In case you didn't know it, Kabbalism is very orthodox among the religious Jews. The rabbis tend to hide that from some audiences, including the average observant Jew in their synagogues, but it's not a secret. It's widely known and just about as widely denied. Once again, Jews will not hesitate to lie to Gentiles.

I've also recounted some of the large body of research on Jewish False Messianic Expectations and how it was reflected in the Wilderness Temptations. I had a chance to sit in lectures by one of the ThDs who contributed so much to this body of research (now deceased). But there are scholarly research papers out there if you search for them.

Finally, I also wrote a lot of doctrinal analysis of my own, posted on this blog. Here's one, and another, plus one more, and finally these two.

We do not face quite the same problem as those in the New Testament. We've had a long 2000 years of Jewish predation, mostly here in the West. It has come to the place where it's truly best if Christian Gentiles and Christian Jews stay away from each other in the West. It would be quite the burden to ask Messianic Jews to denounce that long history of evil. The majority of those I've met will deny that Jews are so difficult. In other words, they will not repent the way Isaiah did in chapter 6 of his prophecy. Yet, you and I are held to that same standard of repentance. The difference is that none of us belong to that same level of satanic predatory history as do Jews.

Leave them in peace as much as possible. We are not activists seeking to change the world, but we do need to understand what is happening. Jews who acknowledge the evil history of their fellow Jews, you should try to trust them. The rest of the Jews cannot be trusted. Just remember to keep them at arm's length.

This document is public domain; spread the message.