Catacomb Resident Blog

Crashing Anyway

16 March 2023

Remember: We look at things as the ultimate outsiders. We are not part of the oppressing regime and we are not part of the population they are trying to oppress. The bigshots don't actually know we exist, so there is nothing aimed directly at us. Thus, we can stand outside the whole thing and observe.

If the powers that be had the means, they would already have rammed everything they want down the population's throats and we would all be under a total lock-down. They don't have the means to do that against the background of popular response. The game of manipulation isn't working that well. Granted, things went a long way during the COVID scamdemic, but the control of information passing wasn't strong enough to keep that hoax alive very long. Too many state governments refused to play along; they had other sources of information. It turned out that the regime didn't have as much leverage on the Net as they had imagined. They are working to improve that grip right now.

But the big issue for the globalists and neocons is the popular response as expressed through state governments. Despite all their efforts, the powers that be have not been able to bring the states into submission. Instead, there has been a growing resistance over the decades, and it's about to get even more serious. There are too many state level officials and they can't be all bought off. Efforts to sway local elections just haven't panned out too well.

It's this kind of pressure from below that has forced the bankers to back off from crashing the little banks for now. Yesterday, the Fed and Treasury signaled that another kind of quantitative easing (more dollar liquidity) will come back. They are using different mechanisms to achieve the same result. It will still bring on soaring inflation. One way or another, either we will have easy money (with inflation) or we will have banks and markets crashing. For whatever reason, they've decided they aren't ready for the latter choice. States cannot tolerate high inflation, and are threatening to create state-owned banks that aren't captive to the Fed, but are more responsive to the people. To forestall this move means the federal bigshots will have to deal directly with rising policy pressure from below. Once they start to give in, the pressure only gets worse.

They would rather have both inflation on one hand to protect their allies, and not have to deal with rising pressure from below on the other hand. It cannot work that way. They don't have enough control to shut down the state governments, and at least some of the states will not tolerate efforts to silence them.

It will still result in a crash. The system has limits, and you can hit those limits either way, with too much liquidity or too little. It's not possible to game things by going in between; the failure of the system is built in by the limits of global trade. If you have too many dollars, they are worthless and the foreign banks won't hold them. You lose the unifying control. If you have too high of an interest rate, the lack of currency flow will doom the small banks and the stock market. If you try to muddle through the middle, you get a mixture of both problems.

Behind all of this has been a concerted effort to seize control of all physical assets and people's lives one way or another. Inflation is one way of confiscation via taking purchasing power, but it provokes popular resistance. High interest rates is another form of confiscation, a subtle form of slavery. The whole point is to eventually have total control over social and government policies; the game behind so-called "democracy" is to seize control via manipulation. The strongest way to manipulate is by controlling the currency and banking. The idea is to use economics as a means to gaining compliance in the long run. It means generating a cultural shift that favors seizing control. It's the old "create chaos and pain until they surrender" ploy.

Yes, this is the Jewish ethnic agenda. It's still the same old False Messianic Expectations, as symbolized in the Wilderness Temptations of Christ: unlimited wealth, endless spectacle, and enslavement of the Gentile world. Those three parallel the Lust of the Flesh, Lust of the Eyes, and the Boastful Pride of Human Existence. It's all about this world and Satan's lies. So in order to become their own Messiah, the Jewish ethnic leadership started out with capturing control of wealth by creating the modern banking system, and making it mandatory with them in control. They have debased our culture through all kinds of influence so that we are distracted by meaningless spectacles, and the last step is seizing control by making us too miserable to remain free.

But it's all a lie Satan told them. What Jesus resisted in the Wilderness, they had already succumbed to. Right when they have decided time is ripe to bring it all down into the final stage in the West, everything is coming apart. The system is fundamentally false. What they designed as the means to economic control has run its course. It will crash one way or another.

And the pain of failure will afflict everyone alive. The only real solution is to disregard the desires of the flesh (the three temptations) and stand above the fray. Satan owns this world, and it's his duty to raise up false ambitions and then crash them down in cycles. We are at the end of another cycle, and the crash is coming. Don't be a sucker; step out of the system.

This document is public domain; spread the message.